Protecting your Home's Foundation in the Heat

Helpful Video to Keep the Moisture of your Soil

A lack of sufficient moisture in your soil can quickly damage to your foundation. Taking proactive steps to protect your home’s foundation will prevent damage and the need for repairs down the road.

Intense summer heat and dry conditions cause the soil around your home to shrink. Soil shrinkage causes your foundation to settle, warping door and window frames and causing cracks. Water the area around your foundation at least once a week to keep soil moist and prevent it from pulling away from your home. You can get more helpful tips for maintaining your foundation this summer by watching this video.

If you do notice signs of foundation damage, don’t wait—contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. for a free assessment of your home’s needs. We offer single-day foundation repair throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Click on our website or call (972) 375-9965 today.

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