Expert Opinion about a Slab Leak

If you were looking for an expert opinion about a slab leak, Structured Foundation Repairs will tell you the specifics about it and the options you have to fix one.

When it comes to home problem rankings, we can safely argue that the leak under a slab is one of the top problems in the list. In order to understand what is a leak under a slab, one has to first know that it’s a water leak that takes place in the water pipes that rest under the foundations of your house. These leaks also occur in the concrete slab where your house is resting.

Best Ways to Detect a Slab Leak

First of all, it’s nearly impossible for a regular homeowner to detect a slab leak just by looking at it unless the leak has been happening for a few weeks. The only ones who are capable of successfully detect the leak are professionals who usually carry high-tech tools. Every homeowner who detects something wrong with their pipelines usually get the following red flags or notice signs such as:

What is a Leak Under a Slab?

  • A dramatic increase in the monthly water bill.
  • The constant sound of running water.
  • Mold growth that is difficult to understand.
  • A decrease in water pressure.
  • Unusually wet floors and carpets.
  • An uneasy and shifting foundation.
  • Baseboard with suspicious moist.
  • Excessively warm or cool floor tiles..

The Main Reasons a Slab Leak Occurs

  1. Underground or soil chemicals that tarnish either pipes or concrete. Pipes that carry boiling water usually get destroyed at a faster rate than others, they deteriorate at a much quicker rate.
  2. Places that are prone to earthquakes usually make the pipes vibrate at higher intensities, this will eventually lead them to consume and tear apart slowly.
  3. Homes that suffer from poor construction techniques by both the builder or the installer are prone to get faster slab leaks.

Your Best Options to Fix a Slab Leak

There are also slab leaks that tend to be much harder to identify, those usually require the usage of specialized devices that help you listen to a possible leak in different areas of your home. When the water has been disconnected, air gets pumped to every line in order to take out all of the remaining water. This will leave the pipes clean as whistles for a more in-depth inspection. Once the plumber has completed this part of the operation, he will determine the easiest way to repair the slab leak once it has been detected.

There are some cases where the best option is to completely re-plumb the whole house instead of spending money in old plumbing. This is usually the recommendation you will get from a specialized plumber, especially when a home is equipped with old galvanized pipes.

At Structured Foundation Repairs, you get all this type of information cost-free as well as the best options for your slab leak repair. We have the most efficient deals and the most experienced professionals who will help you repair your home at a fast rate. Now that we’ve explained what is a leak under a slab, you might have a better grasp of the concept and proceed to fix it faster.

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