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You have reached out to us over concerns regarding your foundations and have set an appointment with one of our Structural Analysts. What does the initial evaluation entail? What is the process for evaluating the foundation?

First, I should mention that foundation evaluations are opinion based.  We use tools and clues to form our opinions.   Our structural analyst will first begin the evaluation by meeting with you and listening to your concerns and looking at the signs of stress or movement that you have discovered. He will then inspect the property looking for additional signs of stress. While looking for clues, he may look for cracks in the exterior or interior walls, sheetrock separations, sticking windows or doors, freeze board separation, or widening expansion joints just to name a few.  He may also look at the current drainage situation at your property.  He will then make a scaled drawing gaining a bird’s eye view on paper of the structure and note any areas of concern. After completing the drawing of your home, he will take floor elevations inside your home with a Technidea ZipLevelä.  Once the elevations are recorded the analyst will determine if repairs are needed by taking into account the signs of stress present and how they correlate with the elevations taken. If the analyst decides that no repairs are needed at this time, he will make recommendations for maintaining your foundation. He will leave you with a computer-generated drawing with the elevations so that you have a baseline for the future. If our analyst deems repairs are needed, he will explain to you his reasoning and design a repair plan for you. His presentation will outline our process and what to expect during the repairs. If you sign our agreement and authorize the repairs, the job will then be turned over to our professional production team to ensure all the necessary permits, utility markings and Professional Services (like Engineering and Plumbing) are coordinated.  Everything we do will be documented in your proposal in writing so you can reference it in the future.  We do not make verbal agreements.  We want you to understand your repairs and be fully informed regarding the process.   Your analyst will remain a valuable partner for you throughout the installation.  He will be available to answer questions or provide guidance.  While every home is different, and every repair is different this is our general process.