What Are Concrete Pilings?

Foundation construction and repair involves thConcrete Pressed Pilingse use of a number of different materials and tools. One of the most effective foundational support tools are piles. Piles come in a number of different shapes and sizes, but one of the most common types is the concrete pile.

Concrete piles are one of the most commonly used substructure components in all types of construction. They are popular in marine foundation construction, residential foundations, multi-story foundations, and foundation repair. Concrete piles are known in the construction and foundation repair industries for their high load capacity, resistance to water from excess drainage, ease of installation, and overall affordability.

Concrete piles come in a variety of different shapes, as do steel piles and other foundation repair materials. One of the most common types of concrete piles are circular piles, which are desirable because of their equal bending strength in all directions. This design minimizes the ability of the pile to flex and bend and maximizes foundational stability under the pressure of your home’s foundation, reducing the need for repair.

Concrete piles can be installed in a number of different ways, but one of the most efficient and structurally-sound pile installation strategies is pressing. Pressed concrete pilings are inserted into the ground by force until they reach the point of refusal, which is typically a layer of rock or rough dirt that is impenetrable even when the pile is being pushed in by a pile driver or diesel hammer. This ensures that the pile is deep enough into the ground that it can support the foundation of your home.

If you need foundation repair to maintain your home’s structural integrity, then concrete pressed pilings may be the answer. For a repair consultation, call the foundation repair and drainage correction professionals at Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We specialize in a variety of foundation repair methods, including pier and beam installation, mud jacking, and drainage correction. For more information, call us today! (972) 484-1200.

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