Foundations Cracks

Many homes have foundations cracks. In many cases, these cracks are just a sign of ordinary wear and tear on the foundation. But in some instances, foundation cracks can be a cause of alarm. Keep on reading below to find out when a cracked foundation indicates a more serious problem:
Cracked Foundation

Uneven Floor Cracks
Foundation cracks commonly occur on the floors of homes. However, these cracks are only considered to be serious when one side of the floor is higher than the other. To determine if a crack in your floor is problematic, examine the floor closely and look for any irregularities. If the floor looks uneven or slanted, you most likely have a foundation issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Second Floor Cracks
When a foundation starts failing, the second floor usually takes the brunt of the damage. Considering this fact, if you have a two-story house and see cracks around windows or on walls, it’s possible that your foundation is eroding. While this may make you uneasy, there is no reason to fret, since a qualified repair company can fix your foundation quickly and effectively.

Large Cracks
Small hairline cracks in a foundation are commonplace and are generally not anything to worry about. If your foundation has wider cracks, though, that is a matter of concern. In most cases, cracks that are over a quarter of an inch wide indicate that a foundation is collapsing. Because further structural damage can result from this problem, you should have your foundation inspected immediately.

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