Problems in Expansive Clay Soil Environments

Unfortunately predicting the behavior and movement of soil can be difficult. While contractors and builders would like soil to be predictable and stable, the fact of the matter is that soil can, depending on Preventing Foundation Problems in Expansive Clay Soil Environmentsits clay content, expand and contract significantly. For example, soil with high clay content tends to expand more with higher moisture content. Here are some tips for preventing foundation problems in expansive clay soil environments.

Install a Proper Drainage System
When clay soil expands, it can place immense amounts of pressure on your home’s foundation. Over time, your foundation’s walls can bend inwards and in some cases even crack. Cracks leave your foundation particular susceptible to water damage. One way to prevent this from occurring is to keep water away from your home’s foundation with an effective drainage system. By directing water that falls on your home’s roof away from your home through a gutter system, you can help minimize the amount of water in the soil around your home.

Opt for a Sloped Landscape
While water exposure is certainly unavoidable, having water settle around your home certainly is. Designing your landscape such that the soil slopes down away from your home, for example, can help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. As a result, less water will soak into the clay rich soil, leading to less expansion and a more stable soil environment beneath your home.

The options listed above are just a small sample of the options available for homeowners whose homes rest on clay rich soil. Understanding how best to divert and prevent water from settling into the soil around your home can give you the tools required to protect your foundation from serious water damage. If you want to learn more about preventing foundation problems in expansive clay environments, call the foundation repair experts of Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at (972) 484-1200

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