Few Reasons Why Foundations Fail

If a property is not properly prepared for a building or conditions change over time to make the property unsuitable for a building, foundation failure can occur. Here are a few reasons why foundations fail:

4 Common Reasons of Foundation Failure

Problems with Building Materials

A building should be constructed with the environment and climate in mind. If the soil on a property is soft, the building should not be too tall. If freeze-thaw cycles will expose the building’s foundation to ice and water throughout the winter, materials that will not be degraded by these cycles should be used. South Padre Island’s Ocean Tower in Texas is an example of a multi-story construction project that failed because the soil at the construction site was not suited to hold so much weight.

Changes in Soil Composition

Some soils are subject to constant shifts in their composition, which can lead to foundation problems over time. Soil expansion and contraction are the most common changes in soil condition. The Transcona Grain Elevator sank several inches the first day it was used due to changes in soil composition.

Ground Vibrations

Earthquakes are the most common cause of foundation failure due to ground vibrations. However, heavy operating machinery used in certain construction projects can create vibrations that may cause foundation failure as well.

Improper Drainage

Heavily saturated soil lying directly beneath a structure can cause foundation failure. When soil becomes too moist, hydrostatic pressure is exerted on the building sitting atop the soil. This can cause structural damage and sinking. A drainage correction expert can redirect your home’s downspouts and other drainage mechanisms to ensure this will not be an issue on your property.

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