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Issues with your home’s foundation are certainly concerning, but the good news is practically all issues are resolvable. Texas weather can be threatening to foundations, especially this time of the year. Long droughts followed by periods of non-stop rain play tricks with the soil beneath homes and can cause unaccounted for shifts in the foundation. If at any point in time you become alerted of a possible foundation issue, call your trusted foundation repair company.

A foundation expert will visit your home to assess your foundation. If a problem is found, the foundation expert should write you a repair estimate and explain the intended repair process to get your structure back to quality. Structured Foundation Repairs will execute the inspection/estimate/repair process like clockwork. Our services (stay tuned) cover all foundation problems. Whether it be an issue to a slab foundation, pier and beam foundation, or a drainage issue, our experts have seen it all and repaired it all.

Slab foundation repair

If your Plano, TX home is supported by a slab foundation, the likely repair solution will call for concrete or steel pressed pilings. You can view a detailed step-by-step process of how each type of piling is installed beneath your home by visiting Structured Foundation’s services page. Though, we will provide a step-by-step overview for you here:

  1. Two-foot wide hole is dug beneath a foundation grade beam—four or five feet in depth
  2. One or more pilings will be placed in the hole
  3. Between the pilings and the grade beam will be a 40-ton hydraulic ram
  4. Each piling is fitted with a concrete cap to prevent damage to the foundation while being lifted
  5. The foundation will be lifted to its original position using 20-ton bottle jacks

Piling, concrete or steel, will provide long-term support to the foundation. The hydraulic ram will keep the pilings in place and moving soil will have a lesser effect on the foundation as years go by. Long-term results for a repair that should take no longer than a day.

Pier and beam foundation repair

foundation repair companyPier and beam repair is a little trickier. Reason being, the piers that will need to be raised likely exist in the middle of the foundation. Furthermore, while a slab foundation can be raised from the perimeter of the home, a pier and beam foundation is generally raised from the middle of the home.

The process generally requires considerable excavation. Holes may need to be dug from your kitchen floor or living room floor. Ultimately, the repair is similar to that of slab foundation, only a different location. Because the area of the repair is tougher to access, the repair may take a few days.

Longer pilings are used for pier and beam foundations. Certain situations even call for the installation of helical piers. Such piers look like giant screws. They actually require less excavation because their form makes it easier to dig into the ground. The end goal is the same: to raise a foundation to a safe standing.

Drainage correction

In addition, Structured Foundation, your reliable foundation repair company, offers drainage correction services. Drainage correction aims to strategically steer water away from a home. This can be done by adjusting the yard space surrounding the structure, improving the quality of gutters and drain pipes, and by simply offering advice to Plano, TX homeowners regarding moisture control throughout the year.

We can also install a French drain in your property. French drains are dug beneath the ground. They provide an escape route to for water within the soil. It is not meant to consume all water within the soil; its perforated material controls the amount of moisture that enters into the drain.

There you have it! All that Structured Foundation repair offers to either maintain your structure or improve your structure. If you see a need for improvement or specific repair, give us a call right away at (972) 484-1200. We are the foundation repair company that you can trust. Please visit our website—www.structuredfoundation.com—and our blog to learn more about foundation care and assistance.

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