Two Main Type of Foundation

There are two main types of foundations: slab-on-grade and pier-and-beam. With slab-on-grade foundations, reinforced concrete is poured on top of the soil to create a foundation. Some homeowners prefer this kind of foundation because it is inexpensive, but it does have disadvantages. Slab-on-grade foundations are very susceptible to problems from expansive soils, and since they have very little give, they are harder to walk on for back pain sufferers. For these reasons, many people in the construction industry prefer pier-and-beam style foundations.

Slab on Grade Foundations
With pier-and-beam foundations, there is space between the floors of the home and the foundation itself. This area is usually called a crawl space and is at least 18 inches tall. Concrete footings offer support. Pier-and-beam foundations can handle some amount of soil expansion and are easier to adjust if dramatic shifting occurs. The space between the floor and the concrete foundation means the floor has more give, so it is easier on the back.

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