How Much Water Does your House Foundation Need?

The soil around your Texas home’s foundation requires a consistent amount of moisture to prevent contraction and expansion. Watering your foundation with a soaker hose or drip system will prevent cracking and other damage from occurring. When watering your foundation, about one to one and a quarter inches of water per session is needed. Avoid overwatering—soaking the ground completely can cause the clay to shift, taking your home with it. Check the soil around your home periodically; if the dirt two feet below the surface can be easily packed together, you are watering the right amount. If it is loose and gritty, more water is needed. Regardless of how often you water, make sure to water around your entire foundation, not just the front, back, or sides of your home.

House Foundation Need

During times of drought, proper watering and maintenance of your foundation is essential to prevent structural damage. Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. of Dallas and Fort Worth can provide the expertise you need to spot, treat, and prevent foundation issues in your home or commercial building. If you’d like more information about how drought and soil conditions affect your foundation, check out the articles on our blog.

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