Identify A Serious Issue In Your House Foundation

Although your home’s foundation lies hidden beneath the ground, visible signs of foundation damage can help you identify the need for foundation repair. Check the inside and outside of your home regularly for signs of cracks or water. Foundation damage compounds over time and should never be ignored; if you do spot trouble, contact a foundation repair specialist immediately.

Identify A Serious Issue In Your House FoundationSlanted Floors

Slanted floors in your home may give it character, but they also signify trouble with the foundation. A foundation that is settling unevenly causes your floors to slant, a sign that uneven pressure is being exerted that could result in cracking and other damage.

Basement Flooding

If you’re one of the few people in Texas with a basement, consistent basement flooding could be a sign that there are cracks in your foundation allowing water to leak through. Tree roots questing for moisture can burrow into and crack your foundation’s concrete. Poor drainage outside your home provides a reservoir of water in the surrounding soil, which wears away at concrete to cause cracks and flooding.

Visible Cracks

Visible cracks either inside or outside your home point to foundation damage that must be repaired. Check your basement walls and floor, as well as the siding and base of your home. Cracks in the structure around the corners of doorways or windows are also a sign of uneven settling and possible foundation damage.

Deteriorating Concrete

You can easily test the concrete of your foundation to make sure it is sound. Take a screwdriver and use it to poke at various points around the foundation. If the concrete is unaffected, it is stable. Concrete that easily crumbles to create an indentation or hole indicates failure and the need for repair.

Have you found signs that your home’s foundation is in trouble? Call Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at  (972) 484-1200 to avoid costly damage to your home and your personal property. You can find more information about your home’s foundation and how to identify trouble on our blog.

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