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Foundation problems are certainly disruptive to the everyday flow of home living. Unfortunately, once one comes about, a homeowner doesn’t really have a choice but to have their foundation repaired as the problem will only worsen over time. The good news is slab foundation repair is typically quicker and less expensive than pier and beam foundation repair.

What is a slab foundation?

slab foundation repairYour home is supported by a slab foundation when a concrete slab is laid over a large pile of gravel that is the size of the base of your home. No pier, no beams, just a thick layer of concrete used to support your home structure. The concrete slab is generally thicker at the edges to bear the weight of the walls. Slab foundations are of course reliable; however, they can fall victim to shifting soil over time. The soil beneath your Garland, TX home can both expand and contract depending on recent weather patterns. It’s when expansion or contraction becomes extensive that your foundation may settle or lose its balance.

How does slab foundation repair work?

Through the installation of either concrete pressed pilings or steel pressed pilings, a slab foundation is raised. It is up to the Garland, TX homeowner to decide which type of piling they want installed. Steel is slightly sturdier and more reliable; however, it will typically cost more per pier.

-A two-by-five-foot hole will be dug below the slab and the piling will be placed into the hole. Pilings are six inches in diameter and 12 inches in length.

-A 40-ton hydraulic ram is then placed between the bottom of the grade beam and the top of the concrete cylinder. Once the ram is engaged, the piling will be forced into the ground until the point of refusal.

-When the piling is in place, it is time to raise it in order to raise the foundation.

-Using 20-ton bottle jacks, the house will be lifted to either to its original position.

Of course, this is an overview of slab foundation repair. There are additional steps, but the above description will help you understand the gist of it. You can view a more detailed installation description through our “slab foundation repair” services page on our website.

Structured Foundation Repairs

Our experts at Structured Foundation Repairs have repaired their fair share of foundations, both slab and pier and beam. There is not a foundation problem that we haven’t seen; therefore, we know how to overcome any foundational challenge that comes our way. We hope your home never suffers any structural issues, though, if it does, give us a call and we will have the structure fixed in no time. With Structured Foundation, a slab foundation repair should be complete within a singe day’s work.

Please visit our website—www.structuredfoundation.com—to learn more about our services and our company. Also, check out our blog for tips on caring for your foundation, as well as repairing your foundation (if it ever comes to that).

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