Foundation Repair: Understanding the Fine Print

Foundation Repair: Understanding the Fine PrintWhen hiring a contractor of any kind, it’s important to know exactly which services will be performed, for how much, and for how long. Foundation repair is no exception, so remember to take a close look at the details of your foundation repair agreement before you sign the paperwork. Here are a few pieces of fine print you should always be aware of:

  1. Product Warranties
    Most often, foundation repairs conducted on your home will require the installation of some kind of pier and beam system, pilings, or drainage correction hardware. These items are typically protected by a warranty to ensure that the homeowner is covered in case of failure. Make sure you understand all terms of the warranty and keep official warranty documentation in your files.
  2. Foundation Repair Schedule
    Clearing your schedule to make adequate time for a foundation repair to be conducted is important. After all, you don’t want to host a dinner party or barbeque while your home is being jacked up above steel pilings! Make sure your contract details when the repair will happen and how long it will take.
  3. Payment Terms
    Payment schedules vary from company to company, but they should always be explicitly stated in your contract. Never completely pay for a foundation repair service upfront, and make sure the payment schedule does not change after your contract is signed.
  4. Documentation of the Work to Be Done
    This seems obvious, but it can easily be overlooked if you aren’t careful. Because foundation repairs sometimes require multiple steps, make sure all the work being done at your home is documented in your contract. This will help you understand exactly what results you should see when the job is done.

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