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Kind Words From Our Valued Clients

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. values client feedback and strives to use the information to continually improve our service. Testimonials may be submitted through a number of avenues. If you would like to read our current feedback or submit a new review please click the links on our homepage for Angie’s List, Google, or Facebook or simply click below.

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Structured Foundation Repairs is the first foundation repair company that I call. In my business, I am always in a time crunch to get an estimate of work and they have never failed me. It is important for me to have a foundation company that I can rely on for quick and reliable service and information. I think that the inclusion of a third-party structural engineering report on both the front and back end of the work is vital in my business.
Living and working in old East Dallas makes it imperative to have a foundation company that you can partner with. Structured Foundation is the best that I have worked with in my years in residential real estate.

Britt Lopez, Realtor

My Estimator, Greg, was wonderful. He explained everything in a way I could understand. In fact, I was so impressed that I stopped looking and decided to go with the Structured Foundation when I had saved the funds. The crew, lead by Otto, was wonderful. He was polite and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I will definitely refer you guys.

Janine C

I have had the pleasure to work with Tom Kidd and Structured Foundation for several years. I have always found Mr. Kidd and Structured Foundation to provide excellent service and to be dependable, honest and helpful to my clients. Tom understands how important repairs are in a real estate transaction and he is always there to provide his outstanding expertise for me and my clients.
I believe a Structured Foundation is very competitively priced and would highly recommend Tom Kidd and Structured Foundation to all my friends, family and clients.

Kathy Brown, Ebby Halliday Realtors

I can’t thank you enough for the great service your company gives all my clients. The excellent work that is done by the entire staff at Structured Foundation Repairs always leaves my clients feeling very satisfied with the total experience. I can contact Brandon directly to ask any questions and know that he will give me professional answers that I do count on in my business.
I do call on your office staff for setting up appointments for my clients and feel like they place my request at the top of their list to make me happy. My clients always come first with Structured Foundation Repairs and I like that.

John “JJ” Berrier, Realtor

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Tom Kidd and Structured Foundation Repairs. I feel they are only a phone call away, and they do their best to meet any necessary deadlines. They look at each home on an individual basis and have a way of easing the minds of the buyer or seller. I am amazed at the number of times they have inspected a house my buyers had concerns with, only to determine that the settling we are seeing is normal and that we have nothing to be concerned about.
The few times they HAVE concluded that foundation work is necessary, they have handled my client in a trustworthy manner, with a positive end result! In my book, they are the best!

Debbie Knox, Realtor

I will definitely recommend Structured Foundation Repairs to my neighbors, friends, and family. This company provided the first-rate service on every level.

Barbara O

The Structured Foundation promptly returns all calls to my clients. My clients have commented on the quality of the work performed as well as the prompt service afterward. They have also worked some jobs into their schedule in order to be sure my homeowner was able to close by the contract date. I really appreciate the attention given to all the details.

Ann Weaver, ABR, RFS, Realtor

Structured Foundation staff and crew were very professional and the work performed exceeded expectations.

Robert J.

How do I rate my experience with Structured Foundation? Five stars all the way! When Rodney came to our home to provide an estimate, we knew absolutely nothing about foundation problems or the process involved in fixing these problems. He thoroughly explained the process, the pricing, the timing and the results we could expect when the repairs were finished. We were on a tight timeline to have the work completed and these folks were able to get our repair job booked on the schedule we needed.

Manuel arrived with his team right on time. They were very professional, efficient and thorough in their work. Manuel carefully explained to me what the team would be doing and touched bass with me several times during the process to show me their progress all along the way.

Every person I dealt with was polite, professional, knowledgeable from beginning to end – estimator, office staff, and crew.

The estimator took great effort to ensure the readings showed the correct movement of the foundation – my house was evidently built with a slope making it difficult to determine where correction was needed. The recommendation to wait and have them re-evaluate was wise.
Structured Foundation Repairs was complete and thorough, taking great care to ensure the job was done correctly.