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The slab homes in the DFW Metroplex are almost exclusively built upon expansive clay soils. Those soils swell or shrink depending on their moisture content. When the soils dry out and shrink, the soil loses its ability to properly support the foundation and it can settle. When that happens, Structured Foundation Repairs is there to help. We can diagnose the problem and design a solution that fits your particular needs. To learn more about what we can do to help, just call us today.
surface drain


When water stands near the foundation, the clay soils will expand and can cause the foundation to move upward. That upward movement can cause damage to the foundation and finished surface. If you suspect that is happening, Call Structured Foundation Repairs today. We will evaluate the drainage conditions around your home and give you options on what can be done to address it. The drainage improvements we offer include:


Pier and beam foundations tend to be older and oftentimes are in need of specialized repairs. One of the most common issues with pier and beam foundations is the deterioration of the wood in the crawl space. At Structured Foundation Repairs, we have the knowledge and experience to not only identify the areas in need of repair, but we can also address what is causing the problem along with replacing the damaged wood. If you have an older pier and beam foundation and suspect that you might have a problem, call us today for a free evaluation.

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