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Expert Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

There are 2 types of pier and beam foundations: those that have a concrete perimeter beam and those that do not. If the home has a concrete perimeter beam, the beam can be lifted using either concrete or steel pilings. Interior floor levels can be adjusted by resetting and re-shimming the existing interior supports. Adding shims to these supports can raise floor levels and removing shims can lower floor levels.

Learn more about pier & beam foundation repair terms.

beam with shims

Wood Replacement and Proper Ventilation in Crawl Spaces

Sometimes, foundation movement can be the result of rotten or damage wood in the crawl space. Structured Foundation Repairs can replace damaged wood beams, floor joists, band joists, and sill plate. Rotten wood is typically caused by water damage from leaks or insufficient crawl space ventilation. Additional vents and/or mechanical ventilation systems can be installed to reduce humidity levels and the resulting moisture build up in the crawl space. This reduces the possibility of future wood rot. Proper ventilation of the crawl space can also reduce the possibility of developing mold or fungus growth.

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