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Concrete Pressed Pilings are the most common type of foundation repair piers used to repair foundations in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. They are specifically designed for the expansive clay soils prevalent in the Metroplex. They are suitable for both concrete slab foundation repairs and pier and beam foundation repairs. The installation of pilings is minimally invasive and allows many repairs to be completed in just one day. The pilings come backed by a true lifetime transferable warranty.

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How Are the Piers Installed?

The concrete-pressed piling is probably the most widely-used foundation repair pier in Fort Worth, TX. Below is a detailed step-by-step process of how Structured Foundation Repairs installs the piers:

  1. A 2-foot square hole is dug next to the foundation and extends to several feet below the beam.
  2. A 6 inch diameter by 1 foot pre-formed 5000 psi concrete cylinder is placed at the bottom of the hole, directly beneath the grade beam. A hydraulic ram is placed between the bottom of the grade beam and the top of the concrete cylinder. The ram is engaged, and the piling is pressed into the ground. Rebar is added along with another cylinder and the process is repeated until the piling reaches a point of refusal (the piling stops going into the ground and the house starts to lift up). This process is repeated until all pilings are installed.
  1. Each piling is then fitted with a concrete cap. Bottle jacks are used to hydraulically lift the foundation. The foundation will be lifted to as near its original horizontal position as the structure allows while attempting to minimize cosmetic damage.
  2. Two additional cylinders are set atop the cap and steel shims are used to fill the gap between the bottom of the beam and the top of the cylinders. Once the slab is supported on the pilings, the jacks can be removed, and the holes backfilled. Any concrete flatwork that had to be penetrated to install the pilings will be patched.

What About Steel Pilings?

Steel pressed pilings can be used anywhere the concrete pressed piling is used. Steel pressed pilings may be a better option in areas where the soil conditions may limit the refusal depth. The steel-piling has a smaller diameter than the concrete piling. That creates less resistance during the pushing process which may allow the piling to go to a deeper refusal point. The steel-piling installation is the same as that for the concrete-piling except instead of a concrete cylinder. Structured Foundation Repairs will press one-foot sections of double-walled steel pipe. The steel-piling also comes with a true lifetime transferable warranty.

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