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Why Choose Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. specializes in concrete slab repair, drainage correction, and pier and beam foundation repair in Fort Worth, TX. Many things set us above the competition, but there are three things we take pride in above all else: our free initial evaluations, high standards, and quick work. We offer free initial evaluations for homeowners and buyers, working extensively with real estate and mortgage professionals in the Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth, TX areas. Our high standards of professional ethics and morality are key elements when Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. evaluates and repairs any structure. We provide fast, free assessments to establish whether you need home foundation repair. If you need house foundation repair, we can schedule the work quickly and process all documents efficiently.

Structured Foundation Repairs

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Structured Foundation Repairs, Trinity Boulevard, Euless, TX, USA

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Concrete Slab Repair You Can Count On

Concrete slab repair with pressed pilings is probably the most widely-used foundation repair. This type of concrete slab repair is designed for the expansive clay soils common to these areas. On average, our team can complete a concrete slab repair in just one day. This short installation time provides plants, which we remove during the repair process, a chance of survival. If you need basement foundation repair for a crack or leak, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. will help get your house back solid, dependable foundation. Our team of experts can help stop cracks in concrete slabs, concrete block foundations, industrial buildings, foundations, and more.

Pier & Beam Basement Foundation Repair that Never Fails

When it comes to pier and beam basement foundation repair, there are two basic types of repairs. There are concrete perimeter beam repairs, as well as repairs for foundations without those concrete beams. If a home has a concrete grade beam, we can lift the perimeter using pressed steel or concrete pilings. Floor levels can be adjusted by raising the concrete beams off their support, or by adding and removing steel shims. Our experts can handle this task with ease, as well as replace cracked or damaged wood in the crawl space located under the floor. At Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc., no foundation leak or crack is too big for our experts to tackle. Additionally, we ensure your home has adequate ventilation in the crawl space to minimize the risk of rotten wood, mold, and fungus growth.

Drainage Correction & Foundation Leak Repair

All homes require proper drainage. Homes that have poor drainage can heave the foundation, ultimately causing your home foundation and structure to stress and eventually need repair. French drains are inexpensive solutions for excess water situations, and Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.’s customizes solutions for your property. French drains are standard drainage systems, often used to prevent groundwater from migrating under your house foundation and aiding in the prevention of common foundation issues. That’s why they make such an effective foundation leak repair method. Groundwater under a foundation can cause movement beyond seasonal norms, something to avoid at all costs. Our team can ensure your home’s foundation is strong, sturdy, and dependable.