Foundation Repair FAQs

Q: How much does Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. charge for an estimate and what is involved?

A: Estimates are always free. After you call the office and set an appointment, an estimator will come to your home to do a comprehensive evaluation. He will draw (to scale) a footprint of your home, he will visually inspect the interior and exterior of the home, noting all signs of stress. He will then take conduct an elevation survey using a Technidea Ziplevel©. He can then combine all the information to determine if a repair plan is necessary. The entire evaluation can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Q: How do I know that my repair plan is the correct one?

A: Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. recommends and includes third party Professional Engineering reports before and after the work has been done. The engineer will confirm the repair plan and then certify the repairs are completed and the house has been repaired.

Q: How long will my foundation repairs take?

A: The average job takes 1-2 days. Depending on the scope of work, the time frame may be greater.

Q: What type of warranty does Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. offer?

A: See our warranty sample.

Q: Will my landscape be damaged?

A: The methods Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. uses to install their pilings will cause minimal damage to the landscape. However, if a bush needs to be removed, every effort will be used to ensure their survival.

Q: How much does an average job cost?

A: The cost of repairs is typically less than what people might expect. Historically, an average repair runs between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00.

Q: Does Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. carry insurance?

A: Yes, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. carries liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. A simple call to the office and our helpful staff will be willing to fax you proof of insurance.

Q: How does Foundation Repairs affect my plumbing?

A: Any time a slab foundation settles the plumbing pipes which are underneath and attached to the foundation can be damaged. They can also be damaged when you lift a house back towards its original position. Therefore, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. recommends and can include a third party Master Plumber to test the plumbing before and/or after a job is completed.

Q: Will fixing my foundation close the existing cracks or open new ones?

A: It is possible to do both. The goal of foundation repairs is to return the house to as near its original horizontal position as possible while trying to limit damage to the home.

Brick Cracks – the stairstep brick cracks that you typically see on houses where the foundation has failed will generally close up when you lift the slab back into place. There is no guarantee that the cracks will close because each home is different and there are other factors that have more to do with the construction of the home. Some small new drywall cracks or brick veneer cracks are more common.

Q: How long after the repairs should I wait to fix my mortar and drywall cracks?

A: Your wait will depend on how much the house has been lifted. The slab should not move after it has been lifted but the walls may need time to adjust to their new position. A general rule-of-thumb would be to wait 4-6 weeks after repairs are completed.

Q: Will I be able to sell my home after the repairs are done?

A: Yes, all methods used by Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. are HUD, FHA & VA approved. When you are ready to sell your home you will need to disclose the foundation repairs and show the third party Professional Engineering reports and warranty certificate to your buyers. Your Real Estate Professional can assist you with this process.

Q: How do I transfer the warranty on my foundation repairs?

A: In the event a change of ownership occurs, the buyer must contact our office no later than 60 days after purchase to notify us of new assignment. Our office will verify the warranty status, prepare the necessary documents, send them to the new owner for return signature and upon receipt, process the warranty certificate. Please reference our General Conditions for additional details.

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