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Crack on the wall

Evaluating The Severity Of Cracks In Walls, Foundations, And Basement Floors

Most concrete home foundations have cracks. The challenge is distinguishing between harmless cracks and those that point to a serious problem in a home’s foundation. If you’re concerned about cracks in your wall, call a for an inspection and educate yourself on the various types of foundation cracks:

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are common, but a harmless feature of most home basement walls and foundations. Caused by concrete that has cracked during the curing process, these cracks usually form along L-shaped sections of your home’s foundation. They’ll typically appear as long, thin, meandering cracks in concrete blocks. If necessary, a technician can take steps to waterproof hairline cracks.

Stair-step Cracks

More serious to your home’s foundation are stair-step cracks forming in masonry joints. These cracks are significantly wider than hairline cracks and are often accompanied by the visible outward bulging of your basement wall. Stair-step cracks are typically caused by inward pressure from moisture buildup in your yard. To fix this damage, a technician will need to install concrete or steel pressed pilings along with a drainage correction system, if needed.

Horizontal Cracks

Indicating a broken foundation, horizontal cracks are by far the most serious. These are often caused by water-saturated soil that freezes and expands, pushing your home’s foundation upward. Keeping your heat off during a freeze can raise the likelihood of this problem, as the soil outside your home will be more susceptible to freezing. Unfortunately, only a whole new home foundation can fix this issue.

Whether your foundation problems are minor or severe, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help. We specialize in the repair of slab and pier and beam foundations for homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For a free estimate, contact our office by visiting us online or calling us today at 972-484-1200.