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Facts About Selling a House With Foundation Problems

Foundation problems and structural damage may require extensive repairs. As a homeowner, you may prefer to sell your home rather than invest in repairing the foundation, especially if you do not plan to live there long. Selling a home with a foundation problem is possible, but it is important to let your realtor and any potential buyers know about the problem. While it is not illegal to sell a home with a known structural issue, concealing problems with your foundation can get you into trouble. Be open and honest, especially when describing issues such as slanted floors or basement flooding. You may need to sell your home at a reduced price, but this can attract investors or potential buyers happy to handle a “fixer-upper” home.

At Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc., we offer free evaluations to help you assess the condition of your home’s foundation and whether repairs are needed. You can reach us by phone at 972-484-1200 or by clicking on our web contact form.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. inspects and repairs house foundations. We have years of industry experience, provide dependable service, and are dedicated to pleasing our valued customers.