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Construction of house in progress

Useful Information About House Foundations

The foundation is an essential component of your home’s overall structure. Foundations act as a level surface on which to build a home. They also provide insulation and keep moisture away from the house. The weight of an average U.S. home is 50 tons, all of which is supported by a seven and a half-ton foundation. A foundation accounts for eight to fifteen percent of the total cost of building a home. Full basements are most common in the Northeast and Midwest, whereas slab foundations with no basement are frequently found in the South and West. Foundations can be repaired but not completely replaced without destroying the home above. Some of the major factors associated with failed foundations include improper concrete pouring or curing during construction, soil movement due to environmental changes, and installing the foundation over soil that is not properly compacted beforehand.

Your home cannot survive without a strong foundation. If you’ve experienced cracks or settling in your foundation, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help. We offer pier and beam and slab foundation repair throughout Fort Worth and Dallas. Call us today at 972-484-1200 or visit us online for more important foundation information.