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The Signs That You Need A Foundation Repair Company in Garland, TX

Do you think you need a qualified foundation repair company in Garland, TX? Here are the signs to look for:

  • Doors/windows difficult to close
  • Exterior bricks have cracks in or between them
  • Nails popping out of sheet-rock or plaster
  • Interior walls reveal cracks
  • Joints around doorframes/windows pulling away from caulking
  • Roof leaks, even though roofing material is new or in good condition
  • Floors sloping

These aren’t problems to take lightly. They can:

  • Reduce the value of your home
  • Result in increased heating and cooling bills
  • Cause damage to interior walls, insulation, and sheathing
  • Cause damage to electrical wiring, beams, and ceilings
How to Find Your Best Foundation Repair Company

The first thing to remember is that you most likely don’t have an emergency when it comes to foundation repair. This means there’s no reason to feel pressured into a decision by any company you get a quote from. With that said, don’t wait too long because the above-stated damages will happen over time.

Here’s a quick checklist to help compare various local companies:

  1. Ask what type of foundation repair they’ll use.
  2. Ask how long they’ve been in business.
  3. Do they specialize in foundations? Have they been doing foundations since the company started?
  4. Are they fully insured with liability and worker’s comp insurance?
  5. Are they licensed?
  6. Are the workers employed by the company or temporary workers?
  7. Who is the supervisor you’ll work with?
  8. Does your area require any certain types of permits?
  9. Ask for references.
  10. What do their warranty agreements look like?
  11. How do they take payment?


Possible Warning Signs

If you experience any of the following, look elsewhere for your foundation repair needs.

1. No Testimonials

If they refuse to give several names with phone numbers, then be careful of working with that company.

2. They Pressure You & Use Scare Tactics

We mentioned this above but it’s worth repeating. You do need to fix your foundation issues as soon as possible but there’s no need to get pressured to sign a contract. Make sure you feel comfortable with your final decision.

3. Funny Sounding Payment “Workarounds”

Do they want cash in exchange for a discount? They may not report their income at tax time and you’ll have no proof with receipts that the work was done. This can affect any warranties. Also, most foundation repair companies use installments so be wary of any contractor needing full payment up front.

4. Do They Apply for the Permits?

You’ll probably need permits. The application process can be daunting if you never did it before. A reputable company will make this as easy as possible for you by handling the process.

At Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc we take all the above issues seriously. If you need a foundation repair company in Garland, TX we encourage you to take action by contacting us. We’ll show you we’re qualified and have the licensing and business affiliations to do the best job on your property. Contact us on our contact page or by calling 972-484-1200.