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Difference between drains

The Effect Moisture Has on Your Foundation

Often times, we take our house foundation for granted. We assume the home builder constructed the foundation for perfection and that nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even if your home’s foundation was built properly, it is still vulnerable to weather, time and unforeseen occurrences. Moisture is relevant to all three vulnerabilities. Specifically, here’s how moisture can cause foundation problems, and how you can fight against it:


Expand and contract—the root of practically every foundation problem. Consistent moisture causes the soil beneath your home to expand. If your house does not have adequate drainage, certain areas of soil will experience greater moisture levels than others. As a result, the soil shifts, causing the home to shift. That is why periods of constant heavy rain can often be too much for a foundation to handle.

Furthermore, heavy rains followed by a long drought can cause foundation problems as well. Extended periods of dryness have the opposite effect on a home’s structure. Instead of causing the soil to expand, dryness causes soil to contract. Moreover, the soil shrinks rather than expands. The combination of expansion and contraction can create an imbalance in a foundation. The home will then settle, requiring a much-needed and often costly foundation repair.

Solutions or Remedies

The #1 way to avoid foundation issues: avoid rain and drought. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, most homes don’t have the luxury of existing in prime weather conditions at all times of the year. This especially applies to homes in Euless, TX. Texans can experience extremes on both ends.

The best advice is to pay attention to your foundation year-round. Water it routinely, inspect it on occasion and ensure your drainage system is performing optimally. In a way, taking care of a foundation is like taking care of a car. Cars require yearly inspections and they undergo routine oil changes and tire rotations. It would be wise to have your foundation inspected by a foundation expert once every year or two. You should also have a set schedule for your sprinkler system to run.

There is one significant difference between car care and foundation care, however. Cars will notify you when an integral part of the function is not working correctly. You can then take your car to the shop and have the problem resolved. For foundations, by the time you become aware of any warning signs, it may be too late. Cracks in your floors or walls, misaligned doors, and random moisture puddles are common signs that something is wrong with your foundation.

Don’t allow your home to reach that point. Pay attention to your structure throughout the year and give it the care that you give your car. It’s easier to care for your foundation anyway. Your sprinkler system and drainage system do all of the work. All you have to do is make sure they are doing their job.

Structured Foundation Repairs

If by chance this information is reaching you too late and you are already experiencing foundation problems, know that Structured Foundation Repairs are at your service. Our experts can handle any foundation problem. We can also provide you a routine inspection to guarantee your foundation is in good shape and ready to take on any challenges that are thrown at it. Contact Structured Foundation Repairs today at 972-484-1200! Also, visit our blog for additional helpful information.