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Beautiful house

Because water conservation is so important, many people use careful techniques to maintain their plants and landscapes. However, it’s important to realize that your foundation may need a drink as well, as excessively dry soil can cause problems for your foundation. Your home may settle, causing cracks in mortar or brickwork—these are indications that your home needs immediate foundation repair from a professional.

On the other hand, severe storms can cause problems for your foundation as well. Managing the moisture levels in your soil is the key to avoiding foundation problems. You may want to consider having your foundation inspected by a professional to get an idea of its current integrity and the conditions of the soil under your home.

Excessive Dryness

To combat excessively dry soil, you may want to “water” your foundation. Many homeowners are taught that it’s important to have good drainage around their homes in order to avoid moisture issues. This is absolutely true, but it is also true that excessive dryness can damage your foundation, causing the soil to loosen and settle away from under your home. This removal of support can cause sinking. Adding the right amount of water to the areas around your home where the soil is especially dry can help prevent settling.

Excessive Moisture

Heavy summer rains can cause the soil under your home to become swollen with moisture. Soil can become loose and fall away from your home, but it can also swell and push up your home. Both settling and bowing can cause your foundation to crack. Ensure that your home has sufficient drainage around the areas of your foundation in order to avoid this issue.

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help you understand how to care for your foundation through the changing Texas weather. Visit us online for additional information, or give us a call at 972-484-1200 with any questions.