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House owner talking to professional engineer

Reason Why You Need a Professional Engineer

Whether your needs are for construction or projects, a professional engineer has all the right qualifications to ensure the successful completion of your needs. A professional engineer may have multiple college degrees, depending on their choice of an engineering career.

Many engineers complete their studies with a P.E. (Professional Engineer) license. This is a test similar to those CPAs and other professionals take for additional certification of their qualifications.

The reason why you need a professional engineer is so that all safety and engineering principles are applied to your projects. Engineering principles are the foundation and guide all engineers use for design, fabrication, construction, implementation, and repairs of their work.

Why Do I Need a Professional Engineer for Structural Projects?

There is much more to installing and repairing structural foundations. For example, over time a slab foundation is affected by moisture and original foundation materials crack or erode. This is also true for pier and beam foundations.

When you ask yourself, “Why do I need a professional engineer” to repair foundations or correct drainage problems, you can imagine the damages and costs if foundations or drainage problems are not corrected. The foundation upon which your structure relies becomes dangerous and lacks the security and safety of foundation materials.

Professional engineers know through education and experience the safest and most reliably secure foundation materials, the correct size for replacements of these materials, as well as comprehensive design for repairs.

Whether soil has begun to shift a slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation needs repair, immediate attention should be given before damages increase.

Structured Foundation Repairs Inc. to the Rescue

It may be frightening when a foundation crack appears or termites feast on the wood in your pier and beam foundation. Professional engineers at Structured Foundation Repairs Inc. are ready to assist with your foundation repair needs. Structured Foundation Repairs has more than two decades of engineering experience and has earned its reputation for excellence in foundation repairs through attention to detail and addressing individual customer needs.

Located at 13301 Trinity Boulevard #133 in Euless, Texas, Structured Foundation Repairs has a proven track record of success that comes highly recommended by satisfied clients.

By working as a solid team to provide clients with optimal repair services, this results in problem-solving with high-quality materials and a “like new” appearance to structures that have begun to deteriorate. Clients are always amazed at the “before” and “after” look of their structures.

More Reason Why You Need a Professional Engineer

A professional engineer will determine the extent of repairs needed and the number of time repairs will take to complete.

Although foundation repairs may be similar, not all are alike. The skills and experience of Structured Foundation Repairs professional engineers assure customers their foundation repairs are timely, cost-effective and help maintain property values.

For more information or to get started on repairs to your foundation or to correct your drainage problems visit our website or phone 972-484-1200 to speak with a professional engineer.