Importance of Foundation Drainage

Proper drainage is critical for your foundation. If too much moisture seeps into the foundation, it will shift and crack. Although it is possible to repair a foundation that has been waterlogged, providing proper drainage so that it doesn’t happen in the first place is your best option. Here is what you need to know about foundation drainage.

Foundation Drainage

Why Is Foundation Drainage So Important?

When there isn’t adequate drainage around your foundation, several problems can occur. First, the foundation itself becomes weakened as it absorbs more and more water. Eventually cracks will appear and pieces of the foundation may even break away, which puts your entire home in jeopardy. Excess moisture around your foundation also contributes to wood rot and exposes your home to mold and mildew. If mold invades your home, your family could become sick. Mold removal is expensive, and in some cases the home can become inhabitable.

How Can I Get the Right Drainage?

The easiest time to put the right drainage around your home is when it is being built, but it is possible to go back in and add drainage after the fact. A French drain is one way you can move moisture away from your foundation. These drains funnel groundwater away from the home so water doesn’t build up under the foundation. Surface drains are another possibility. These pipes also help move water away from the home. Surface drains work best on sloped lots, but they can be helpful in most cases. If your lot is not sloped, adding a sump pump will further boost your moisture protection.

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