1. Does the company employ day laborers or subcontractors to do the work on the home?

SFR uses only employees and does not hire day laborers or sub contractors.  Experience is important in a specialized trade like foundation repair.

2. Does the company have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance on the actual workers?

SFR has both liability and workers compensation insurance for the clients protection.  Beware of companies that tell you Texas doesn’t require Workers Compensation or that you are covered under their liability insurance.  This is a ploy for the company to save money on costly insurance premiums.  Don’t put yourself at risk, use a company who carries the proper insurance.  It is also important to ensure the actual workers are covered under the policy, not just the office staff.

Structured Foundation Questions3. Does the company use third party Professionals to certify their work?

Structured used Third Party Professional engineers who visit the home before and after the repairs and third party master plumbers for all testing. We believe it is a conflict of interest to have these individuals on staff.  They are third party for your protection and peace of mind.


4. Does the company offer a warranty on the work? Is the warranty definable?

Read the fine print regarding the warranty.  Do they establish how they will gain a baseline and how they will determine, in the future, if the foundation has moved enough to warranty it?  Are the terms of the warranty clear.  Is it quantitative, or subjective, to be determined at their sole discretion?  SFR outlines our warranty on every agreement under “general conditions”.

5. How long has the company been in business?

Has the company had name or ownership changes?  SFR was formed in 2003 and incorporated in 2006.  The name and ownership have remained the same.  Changes could potentially affect the validity of the warranty.

6. Does the company comply with all local ordinances (such as obtaining permits or contacting utility line locators)?

SFR obtains all necessary permits, notifies DIGTESS of all digging incidents and complies with International Resident Codes.

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