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Sun at sunset

Your home is not isolated from the world around it, and factors that affect the soil and vegetation of your yard can also cause damage to your foundation. Long-term drought causes many changes in the land, leading to settling and cracking of your foundation’s concrete. Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help your prevent or mitigate damage to your foundation during the Texas drought with a personalized foundation repair plan.

Soil Changes

The condition of the soil around your home depends heavily on its moisture content. Much of Texas is home to soil known as expansive clay, which expands and contracts significantly depending upon temperature and moisture conditions. During a drought, changes in the soil around your home put constant and uneven stresses on your home’s foundation. This causes significant settling and shifting of the foundation, one of the main causes of cracks. Damage to your foundation can lead to further problems indoors, including burst pipes, issues closing or opening doors and windows, slanting floors, and cosmetic damage to your home.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another common problem for foundations. Although concrete may seem impenetrable, tree roots can work their way through your foundation to cause cracks and leaks. During a drought, trees and other plants send their roots out farther through the soil, questing at great lengths for necessary moisture. When these roots encounter your home’s foundation, they burrow through it and damage the concrete. Tree roots lead to weak spots, uneven settling, and the potential for leaks when you water your lawn or your foundation.

The Texas drought continues to cause widespread foundation damage throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Don’t let your home suffer—contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. for top-quality foundation repair services for both residential and commercial properties, including concrete and steel pressed pilings. Visit us on the web or call 972-484-1200 to get started today.