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professional repairing gutters

The key to keeping a foundation in excellent shape is maintaining even soil moisture. However, many residences have poor drainage systems which can lead to water collecting on the outside of the house, making the soil unevenly moist. If left unaddressed, this issue can cause the foundation to become lopsided or crack, which can be costly to repair. To avoid this problem, follow the tips below on promoting good foundation drainage.

Promote Better Surface Drainage

Many homes have poor surface drainage. This means that when the rain starts pouring down, water pools around the house, gradually causing foundation damage. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to alter the slope grade around the house. As a general rule, the slope angle should change about an inch per foot to drain water properly.

Use a Perimeter Drain

Using a perimeter drain is a simple way to move water away from the home’s foundation. Typically, these drains are installed below the soil next to the foundation footing and are made from tile or perforated piping. The way these drains work is simple: as water passes down through the soil, it collects into the underground drain pipe where it is diverted into a sewer or other location. This prevents water from pooling next to the foundation, which can cause cracking.

Ensure Gutters Drain Properly

Gutters are supposed to keep rainwater from falling off of the roof and collecting around a building. In order to work effectively, though, gutters need to empty water at least ten feet or more away from the house. If this is not possible, catch basins can be set up to collect water which will ensure proper drainage.

If you would like to learn more tips on improving drainage around your home, call Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. in Fort Worth, TX. Our team of professionals assesses and repairs home foundations and is committed to providing excellent customer service. Call us at 972-484-1200 to learn more about our dedication to quality and service offerings. Visit us on the web or call 972-484-1200 to learn more.