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The big damaged bricks in foundation at Euless, TX

Signs of Foundation Damage

The integrity of your entire household is supported by a firm foundation. If your home’s foundation was poorly built or becomes compromised in some way, there could be serious consequences for your entire house. Catching foundation problems early with these warning signs can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Interior Symptoms

There are a wide variety of clues on the inside of your home that indicate a foundation issue. Simple cracks on the walls or ceilings of rooms in your home indicate a shifting, unsteady foundation. A compromised foundation can also cause an oddly fitting door and window frames. Stay diligent in locating cracks where floors and walls meet. Sunken, unleveled surfaces are another clear sign that your foundation has shifted.

Outdoor Issues

Visible foundation symptoms aren’t limited to your home’s interior. Cracks are also prevalent on outdoor walls if the slab beneath your home is at risk. Keep an eye open for rotated or separated walls as well. If your foundation is visible and exposed, check it often to catch signs of foundation damage before they develop inside your home. Incorporating foundation checks into your weekly lawn maintenance routine ensures such damage won’t go unnoticed for long.

Additional Warning Signs

Proactive homeowners may want to take extra steps to identify and isolate foundation problems. Searching basements and crawl spaces make it easier to identify cracks that are closer to the problem. Pay special attention to posts that remain visible in hard-to-reach locations. Weak, slanted posts are indicative of a foundation problem. An exposed foundation can be checked manually for wear with a screwdriver. A simple poke at the foundation with a screwdriver will reveal quite a bit of information. The foundation should be dense enough that poke will have a negligible impact. Concrete that gives way reveals a foundation in trouble.

Take good care of your foundation and your foundation will take good care of your home. Get in touch with Structured Foundation Repairs at 972-484-1200 for additional tips on keeping the slab strong.