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We Specialize in Foundation Repair and
Drainage Correction in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. specializes in the repair of slab and pier and beam foundations for residential and commercial properties in Dallas-Fort Worth. We also offer drainage correction (install surface and French drains) and do mudjacking.

We offer FREE EVALUATIONS for homeowners and buyers and work extensively with real estate and mortgage professionals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

We provide fast, free assessments to establish whether or not the foundation is in need of repair. If it is, we can schedule the work quickly and all documents can be processed efficiently in the event the home is for sale. Our goal will always be to provide accurate and timely evaluations and if necessary, appropriate repair plans and professional installations.

High standards of professional ethics and morality are key elements when Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. evaluates and repairs a structure.

We recommend a Professional Engineer's certification in conjunction with every job we do, and all methods of foundation repair used meet or exceed engineer and industry standards, and all comply with local regulations.

All our workers are employees of Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. and are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance. Additionally, the company has extensive liability insurance to protect our customers. Proof of Insurance is available upon request.

We offer third party financing to any qualified applicant and we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX via phone.

Our continued success is dependent on client referrals so whether you're buying, selling, refinancing or just in need of repairs, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. is here for all your foundation repair and drainage correction needs..


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