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Meet the Foundation Repair Specialists Team!

Office staff of Structured Foundation Repair

Office Staff

From Left to Right

Roxanne – Post Production
Sara Nicholson – Office Manager


Heidi Morrison – Operations Manager

Top Left to Right

Janice – Pre Production
Jane – Quality Control Coordinator
Melissa – Receptionist/Customer Service
Mitzi – Evaluation Scheduler
Audrea – Evaluation Scheduler

Bottom Left to Right

Joseph – Production Coordinator
Patricia – Production Coordinator/Scheduler
Marcia – Customer Service
Traci – Accounting
Tiffany – QC/Mudjacking Coordinator

Not Pictured

Suzanne – Customer Service

Team of Structural analyst

Structural Analysts

Back Row Left to Right

Larry Todd
Chris Bailey
Jeff Ellison
Greg Snyder
Tom Kidd – Owner
Rodney Caprio
Gene Porubsky
Chad Pruitt
Brandon Hoge

Front Row

Jack Phelps
Billy Tatum
Bradley Holt
Philip Waldeck
Dan Billings

Crew chief

Standing from Left to Right

Albert Quintero – Service Call Analyst
Salomon Vargas – Crew Chief
Van Carlton – Crew Chief
Manuel Burciaga – Crew Chief
Preston Marcom – Crew Chief
Kevin Karlin – Crew Chief
Jeremy Nowell – Crew Chief
Robert Springstead – Field Superintendent
Randy Snyder – Crew Chief
Cris Garza – Training & Safety Superintendent
Ken Markovich – Crew Chief
Kelly Carlton – Crew Chief
Darrell Kramer – Crew Chief
Devin Marshall – Crew Chief
Stephen McAlister – Crew Chief


Eduard Morales – Crew Chief
Chad Martin – Service Call Analyst
Bryan Portwood – Crew Chief
Matt Kell – Crew Chief
Austin Turpen – Crew Chief/ Warehouse Supervisor

Not Pictured

Mario Lopez – Crew Chief
Zac Cryer – Crew Chief