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Concrete Pilings

How to Install Concrete Pressed Pilings

In the Dallas area, concrete pressed pilings are commonly used to provide support to house foundations. In addition to being very dependable, concrete pilings can be installed in about a day, which is great if a homeowner needs to have their foundation repaired quickly. To install concrete pressed pilings, workers manually dig a deep hole that goes underneath the home’s grade beam. Next, they install concrete cylinders into the ground with a hydraulic ram until the foundation is adequately supported. Afterward, workers put concrete caps on the cylinders, lift the house up, and fill the hole back up with dirt. The process is both quick and efficient and maybe backed by a warranty, depending on which company you do business with.

To learn more about the concrete pressed piling method, call your local foundation company: Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We regularly use concrete pressed pilings in our construction jobs as well as steel pilings and offer service warranties. If you have questions about these methods or would like us to assess your home’s foundation, contact our office today at 972-484-1200.