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Different pipelines under the sand at Euless, TX

How Foundation Repair Affects your Plumbing System

Foundation repair can dramatically improve a home’s look and functionality; with a level foundation, doors and windows will open more freely, floors will be free from buckling, and no new cracks will form in the ceilings and walls. One of the most important components of your home that can be affected by foundation repair is the plumbing system. But how do foundation repairs affect your home’s plumbing and why are inspections important?

How Plumbing Systems Are Designed

Your residential plumbing system runs through virtually every part of your home through various pipes, fixtures, and appliances that make everyday life safer and more comfortable. In addition to plumbing that is hidden by your home’s walls and ceilings, your plumbing system is incorporated into the foundation. Pipes that carry water and sewage in and out of your home access municipal water mains or septic systems through plumbing buried deep underground. Pipes are often entrenched in the soil that caused the initial foundation problems.

How the Foundation Affects Plumbing

As you can imagine, shifting the foundation through foundation repair may cause your plumbing to shift as well. In some cases, foundation repair services may correct potentially problematic changes in the orientation of your plumbing. However, shifting of your home’s foundation, whether gradually due to expansive soil or suddenly during repairs, can also damage the plumbing. For this reason, having your home’s plumbing system inspected immediately after foundation repair is essential. A professional inspection can alert you to potential leaks or plumbing problems, which could actually cause new foundation problems or exacerbate old ones.

In addition to professional foundation repair and drainage correction services, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. provides expert plumbing tests to ensure that your home’s foundation repair service is successful. Visit us online or call 972-484-1200 to learn how you can get a free plumbing test with your foundation repair service.