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Drainage system
How To Optimize Your Surface Drainage Systems

If water is collecting in your lawn or yard, then consider drainage correction and drain installation for your property. Water that stands near your foundation after rain can lead to foundation problems for your home or commercial building, requiring more extensive repair. Surface drainage systems are one type of drainage correction you should consider for the water-logged property.

  • How does the system work? Surface drainage systems are one example of drainage correction that allows home or business owners with poor land grading to remove excess water. Surface drainage systems are typically composed of a series of underground pipes. These pipes carry away water that’s collected through catch basins, which are usually 9 or 12-inch squares. Depending on customer preference, water can be drained to another part of the property, to the street, or into a basin for use in garden and lawn watering.
  • Where is it installed? Surface drainage systems are effective at capturing runoff from rain. If your home does not have the proper grading, then surface drainage systems can be strategically placed around your home’s foundation to collect and remove water from gutters and roof run-off to prevent ponding.
  • How can the system be optimized? Surface drainage systems are great for eliminating excess water, but are often used in conjunction with other drainage correction strategies. This may include drainage grates that are integrated with your property’s driveway or walkway. They can also be used in conjunction with sub-surface drainage systems like French drains.

To learn more about surface drainage systems and drainage correction, contact Structured Foundation Repair. We specialize in all types of drainage correction and foundation repairs, including pier and beam installation, French and surface drainage systems, and more. Visit Structured Foundation Repairs online or call 972-484-1200.