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Drainage system

Effects on a Structure That Has Poor Drainage

In nature, water can gradually wear away some of the hardest rocks and minerals in its path. The same rule applies to homes and buildings, but the effects can be much more costly. When foundations are exposed to large amounts of water, they can become severely damaged and, in some cases, irreparable. Drainage correction is extremely important to protecting foundations and the buildings they support. Here are some common consequences of poor drainage.

1. Water Exposure from Downspouts

One example of poor drainage is a poorly designed or installed gutter and downspout system. If downspouts are positioned improperly, then they may release water directly to the foundation and along the sides of the house. For every inch of rain on your roof, your downspouts may be releasing over 600 gallons of water directly to your home. Downspouts should be positioned away from the home and allow drain water to escape safely.

2. Damage from Expansive Soil

Texas is known for having expansive soil that absorbs water very rapidly. While many soil-related foundation problems can be avoided with proper construction, allowing water to infiltrate expansive soil around your home is inadvisable. This causes the soil to expand and contract, which can cause cracking throughout the foundation and the home’s interior. Preventing unusually high water content in expansive soil through drainage correction can prevent excessive foundation and structural damage.

3. Damaged Landscaping

Improper drainage also causes easily visible aesthetic damage to your home’s yard and landscaping. In addition to pushing large amounts of mulch and dirt out of their original spots, uncontrolled drainage may also cause overwatering, which can lead to root diseases, fungus growth, and plant death.

4. Aesthetic and Structural Damage

When a foundation is damaged by poor drainage, its supported structure is directly affected. Damaged foundation can cause a home to shift, lean, and sink into the ground. Cracks can appear on exterior and interior walls, and in the worst case scenario, portions of the building could collapse.

To learn more about the importance of proper drainage and drainage correction, contact Structured Foundation Repairs. We specialize in all types of drainage correction services and foundation repairs. Call 972-484-1200 today.