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Foundation Problem

The Source of A Problem With A Slab Foundation

Most of the time, the source of a problem with a slab foundation can be traced to soil conditions around the home. If the soil around your foundation does not have the right amount of moisture, it can cause your foundation to move. These are the most common ways in which soil can affect the condition of your foundation:

Not enough water. If the soil around your foundation is not getting enough water, it will begin to dry out. As the soil dries, it begins to contract. Over time, your foundation can settle. As your foundation settles, it can cause cracks to appear in bricks and tile, as well as causing doors and windows to stick.

Too much water. If the moisture content of the soil around your foundation increases, it can cause the soil to swell. As the soil expands, it pushes upward on your foundation. This can result in cracking, shifting, and other problems. Most often, excessive moisture in the soil comes from inadequate drainage, which allows water to pool near your foundation instead of being channeled safely away from it. Another source of excessive moisture can be a plumbing leak. Contacting a Master Plumber to test your sewage system for leaks may be beneficial in locating the underlying problem

Uneven water distribution. Your foundation is not usually affected when the moisture content of the soil underneath your foundation is consistent with the moisture content of the surrounding soil. When part of the soil around your foundation is either wetter or drier than the soil surrounding it, however, it can cause uneven swelling and shrinking. This can lead to heaving, settling, and overall foundation issues.

When you notice signs of trouble with your foundation, it’s important that you have it evaluated by a qualified professional. The foundation experts at Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc., provide a number of services—including slab foundation repair, pier and beam foundation repair, and drainage correction—to customers in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and the surrounding area. Visit us online for more information about our services, or call 972-484-1200 with your questions.