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The Crack on floor in house at Euless, TX

Home Owner’s Guide for Crack Foundation Repair

Your foundation is the base of your entire home, so even minor cases of foundation damage should be treated immediately. A quick response to these problems can help keep your foundation from losing stability and support. Use this guide to foundation cracks to decide if a call to your foundation repair team is necessary.

Structural Location

The size and shape of a crack can be used to determine if the visible damage is superficial or structural. Small, shallow cracks are likely to be the result of age and exterior impacts. These relatively harmless cracks are generally found away from important structural elements. On the other hand, cracks that are long and deep and those that begin in structurally important areas, like near a floor base or wall corner, may be indicators of severe foundation damage. In cases like these, foundation repair is essential for the health of the home.

Damage Type

The source of your foundation damage has a huge impact on your maintenance needs. For example, cracks that follow severe flooding are likely the result of foundation water damage. These types of cracks indicate a shifting base and should be treated by professionals immediately. Alternatively, cracks may appear naturally due to construction errors. Improperly mixed concrete, for example, may crack as it shrinks. A foundation specialist can provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of and solution to your foundation’s cracks.

Other Indicators

There are numerous tests for checking foundation damage. For instance, you can check for water damage by poking a screwdriver into your foundation. A weak, loosely packed foundation is an indication of serious deterioration. In cases like these, visible cracks are likely confirmation of a serious problem. Homeowners can also check crawl spaces and basements for parallel cracks—the presence of a compound split will likely require professional attention.

Don’t let a small crack develop into a dangerous foundation problem. Instead, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at the first sign of trouble. Our experienced technicians can provide free assessments, making us the best choice for your foundation repairs. We can be reached on our website or with a call to 972-484-1200.