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Wall of a house
3 Facts About Steel Pressed Pilings

Pilings come in a few different materials and shapes and can be installed under foundations in different ways as well. While concrete pilings are most common, steel pilings are also used regularly in both home and non-residential construction. Here are three things you may not have known about steel pressed pilings:

  1. Steel piles are referred to as “pressed” when they are pushed into the ground using a large piece of machinery known as a hydraulic ram. Using the structure as leverage piles are forced into the ground.
  2. In certain types of soil situations, hollow steel piles may be filled with concrete to reinforce the strength of the pile. This adds extra support to the pile in case there is an increased risk of erosion.
  3. Installation of steel pressed pilings is very easy and can take just one or two days for a piling job to be completed successfully.

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