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Foundation Repair Warranties

Ensuring your foundation repairs have a warranty is essential. At Structured Foundation Repairs we offer a free lifetime transferable warranty on all pilings installed by our company and a 1 year warranty on pier and beam foundations. The pier and beam warranty covers the under-structure shimming, pads and blocks, and wood replacement. Pilings installed on a pier and beam foundation will be covered by the lifetime transferable warranty.

Many foundation repair companies claim to have a lifetime transferable warranty. To be a “true” lifetime transferable warranty, the warranty provided must be clearly defined as to what the warranty really covers. Often times, a company will claim to have a free warranty on pilings installed but there are loopholes placed in the contract wording that may allow them to void the warranty or at the least disguise hidden costs associated with the warranty. Examples of misleading warranties include prorated warranties with a tiered pricing system over time, warranties in which material may be covered but labor is not (and vice versa), but most concerning are company’s that have warranty wording that lacks any specific definition of what conditions must occur in order to warranty their pilings.

Original repairs by our company are certified by a third-party engineer. Once the repairs are complete the Engineer will perform a post lift foundation evaluation. The engineer will provide a report showing how much lift the structure allowed and provide existing elevations. The data collected by our Crew Chief after install and confirmed by the Engineer is used as the baseline for the warranty. We simply compare our new data to that of the post original lift data to determine if the piling has been compromised to the extent defined. If so, the warranty has it covered.

At Structured Foundation Repairs our warranty clearly states that if a piling installed by our company settles more than 1/4” over a 5-foot span, we will adjust the affected piling at no charge to the owner.  This does not include any costs for cosmetic repairs or tunneling to access pilings. Companies without a definable warranty can easily skirt necessary adjustments.

If you are an existing warranty holder and want to request a warranty evaluation, you can easily reach our warranty department by telephone or by submitting the form found on our website.  If you are buying a home that we have repaired, simply call our office and we will collect the necessary information and ensure the warranty is properly transferred to your name. The first transfer of the warranty is free. Subsequent transfers are subject to a fee.  Whether you are our original customer or you have transferred an existing warranty, you can be confident that Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. has a “true” lifetime transferable warranty that is backed by an ethical and honest company.