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Providing Additional Support for Your Home’s Foundation

For some Texas homeowners with basements, it can be a struggle to deal with water. While waterproofing your basement can fix the underlying cause of most water leaks, installing a sump pump can provide additional support by alleviating pressure on your home’s foundation. Here’s why sump pumps are a smart choice for Texas homeowners:

Preventing Structural Damage

Oversaturated soil is the most common reason a home’s foundation becomes damaged. This problem can be especially severe in the winter, when saturated soil can freeze and expand outward, causing foundations to buckle and crack. Installed in the lowest area of your basement, a sump pump transfers water flowing into your basement out and away from your home. Additionally, all water that does make its way into your basement will flow into what’s called a sump pit. This keeps your basement dry and your foundation secure.

Protecting Floors and Walls

If you have a finished basement, plaster and finished floors provide an important layer of protection against leaks and other sources of structural damage. Sump pumps are an important factor in keeping water away from floors and walls, protecting their structural integrity and overall appearance.

Continuing to Operate in Severe Weather

The last thing you want is for your sump pump to quit when you need it most. That’s why most sump pumps are equipped with auxiliary power sources, allowing them to continue operating even during power outages. This is an important feature, as severe storms and flooding can present some of the most significant threats to your home’s foundation. By staving off the recurring threat of severe weather, a sump pump can provide an additional layer of protection to your home’s foundation.

At Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc., we install drainage correction systems that can help prevent future foundation issues. To learn more about our highly rated services, call our Fort Worth office at 972-484-1200.