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Water pipe in backyard

Foundation damage affects every aspect of your home, including the walls, floors, and plumbing. Proper foundation care includes regular watering of the ground around your home to prevent soil problems that can cause uneven settling and cracks. Even during a drought, foundation watering is allowed within local water restrictions to prevent larger household problems.

Use a Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses have a series of holes punched into the tube to spread water evenly through the soil. A soaker hose is ideal for maintaining a healthy foundation because it prevents uneven watering and evaporation. You can purchase a soaker hose at a garden or home improvement store, or convert an old hose to this new purpose.

Place the Hose Properly

It’s important not to place your soaker hose directly against the foundation, where the flowing water will do more harm than good. Position your soaker hose 18-24 inches away from your foundation so you’re watering the soil but not compromising the concrete.

Time Watering Properly

Water your foundation in the early morning or late evening. If there are water usage rules in effect for your area, make sure to follow them. You can determine the frequency with which you need to water your foundation by testing the dirt. Dig a hole approximately one and a half to two feet deep and scoop a handful of dirt from the bottom. Roll your handful of dirt into a small ball approximately two inches in diameter. If the ball holds its shape easily, you’re watering correctly. A ball of dirt that cannot hold its shape means you need to water your foundation more frequently.

If you have questions about watering or maintaining your foundation, contact an expert at Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. by calling 972-484-1200. We can help you prevent or identify foundation problems to ensure your home and your belongings stay safe. Click on our website to learn more about foundation repair and drainage correction in Fort Worth and Dallas.