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Big crack in edge of the wall in home at Euless, TX

Like any major investment, your home requires regular maintenance to maintain its value and avoid costly mistakes. Most homeowners think about major appliances and aesthetics when it comes to home maintenance, but a damaged foundation can compromise its entire structural integrity. Industry studies estimate that 60% of all homes built on expansive soil—which is common throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth area—suffer from foundation stress. Avoid one of the most costly home maintenance mistakes you could ever make with these warning signs below:

Bulging Floors

The soil beneath your actual foundation is often called your home’s “second foundation.” The purpose of a foundation is to provide relatively level ground to support the rest of the house and floor, but atypical soil movements can cause the ground to shrink and swell, possibly damaging the floor. Beware of noticeable tile cracks around a certain area. Soil movement is most concentrated around the edges of the foundation, but a hidden plumbing leak can also cause the center of the house to heave.

Jamming Doors/Windows

The square frames of doors and windows can become distorted as the wall shifts and twists to accommodate soil movement. This will often result in a door or window suddenly becoming jammed without visible damage. Because soil heave and shrinkage are most common during rainfall and freezes, these common foundation issues may become more apparent during certain times of the year.

Cracked Walls

Soil movement places the greatest strain on the highest points of the corners and where the wall meets the ceiling, so wall cracks are most likely to appear around these areas. Basement walls are more likely to suffer from lateral pressure, and stairstep cracks along the brickwork could be a major sign of impending failure.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your Dallas Fort-Worth home, don’t hesitate to contact Structured Foundation Repairs for a free estimate and inspection. We have experience in all types of foundation installations, and we’ve built our reputation through time-tested results and friendly customer service. Call 972-484-1200 today to schedule a free evaluation.