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Foundation with improper bricks work

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can threaten the value and safety of your home. Up to 60% of homes that reside on expansive clay soils suffer foundation damage, particularly during a drought. Recognizing the signs that your foundation is in trouble is essential to scheduling timely and necessary repairs.

Outdoor Signs of Foundation Trouble

As a homeowner, you should check the exterior of your home approximately once a month to look for signs of foundation damage. Examine the exterior of your home—are the walls parallel from top to bottom? Leaning or bulging walls signal uneven settling. Other exterior signs of a bad foundation include cracks in your walls, particularly in the mortar between brick or block facades. Cracked stairs or a leaning deck are also an indication of uneven settling and the need for foundation repair. If your home has a concrete perimeter around your foundation, examine it for signs of crumbling, cracking, or other damage. Standing water is a sign of a drainage problem that can lead to flooding and foundation damage if not addressed.

Indoor Signs of Foundation Trouble

Sloping floors indicate that one section of your home has settled more than the rest. Check all interior walls, including the corners where the wall meets the ceiling and floors, for cracks or signs of crumbling. Examine your basement or crawlspace to check for cracks in the concrete walls, particularly vertical cracks that indicate uneven foundation movement. Often doors and windows are noticeably affected by a foundation problem. Doors and windows may stick in their frames or make noise when opened and shut. In some cases, doors will not stay closed and a visible gap between the door and frame can be measured. Cracks may appear in the walls at the corners of the door or window frames as well.

If you’ve noticed the troubling signs of a bad foundation, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. by calling 972-484-1200. We offer fast, effective, and efficient foundation repair for homes and businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth. Check out our website to learn more.