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Professional checking the home damage
A Company with the Skills to Set Your Property Right Again

A home with a failing foundation is cause for serious concern. Luckily, Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. has the skill and experience necessary to set your property right again. However, your home could still face serious foundation problems even after your repair job. Here are a few quick tips for maintaining your foundation after the repair crew has left:

  • Keep your gutters in good shape
    Excess water is one of the main culprits of most foundation problems. If your home doesn’t have any gutters, or if they’re in disrepair, there’s a good chance that you could see a repeat of your previous foundation issues. In order to reduce the chances of another round of repairs, it’s important that you install fully functional gutters, or else keep your old ones in good shape.
  • Be careful with your landscape
    Trees and other plants have also been known to take a toll on foundations. For example, the roots of a large tree can extend beneath your foundation and cause shifting or breakage, while the leaves can clog your gutters and force water to spill over. For maximum foundation protection, it’s important that you plant trees a good distance away from your house.
  • Install the proper drainage
    Unfortunately, perfectly functional gutters, downspouts, and splash plates, may not be enough to protect your foundation. If you’ve had foundation problems in the past, you may need to install a French drain or a surface drainage system that can lead water safely away from your basement or foundation.
  • Learn to identify warning signs
    If your old foundation problems return, you should know what to look for and request repairs immediately. Some of the most common signs of foundation failure are cracks around the fireplace or along the walls of your home.

If you suspect that your home’s foundation isn’t what it should be, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. After one or two days of hard work, our team of experts will repair the problems with your foundation and do their best to ensure that those problems never return. For more information, call us today at 972-484-1200.