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Common Question About Foundation Problems

Foundation repair strategies vary dramatically depending on the type of building, the soil condition, and the type of foundation your home, commercial, or industrial building utilizes. Of the many different foundation materials available, pilings are the most commonly used. Here’s a look at pile foundations and foundation repair.

  • Pilings are one of the most fundamental components of foundation repair and construction. In essence, they work the same way that piers do in pier and beam foundation. However, there are a few primary differences between piers and pilings. While piers are typically constructed in place, pilings are fabricated off-site. Additionally, piers can be made from wood, brick, or concrete, while pilings are only made from concrete and steel.
  • Pilings are available in several different configurations. Concrete pilings are the most commonly used and are cylindrical in shape. Steel pilings are also fairly common but can be cylindrical, square, or H- and X-shaped. Hollow pilings are sometimes filled with concrete to enhance their strength, but can also be used independently.
  • Pilings can be installed in many different ways depending on space availability and piling size. While larger pilings are typically driven with large diesel hammers, static installation is preferred in foundation repair applications. In these scenarios, piles are installed in smaller sections and driven into the ground using a jack. As pilings are pushed further underground, they eventually reach soil that is stable enough to support the weight of the building, known as the point of refusal. At this point, the pile is ready to support the weight of the structure.

To learn more about concrete or steel pressed pilings, contact the foundation repair experts at Structured Foundation Repairs. We specialize in all types of residential and commercial foundation, including piling installation, pier and beam foundations, mudjacking, and drainage correction. Call 972-484-1200 to learn more about our services.