How Foundation Failure Can be Prevented, and how Repair Works

Foundation failure is a common problem faced by homeowners. Any house is susceptible, no matter the age or location. Foundation repair can save your home when trouble strikes, but prevention is still the best policy for foundation problems. Here is everything you need to know about the causes of failure and what you can do before and after it strikes:

Foundation Failure

Why Do Foundations Fail?

There is no single reason behind foundation failure. With older homes, the most common reason for failure is that the foundation simply isn’t strong enough. With new homes, marginal land that isn’t capable of supporting a foundation may be blame. One particularly common cause for failure is expansive soil. Expansive soil grows when it is exposed to moisture and shrinks when it is dry. These changes can put too much pressure on the foundation and cause it to fail.

Can I Prevent Foundation Failure?

The best way to minimize your risk of foundation failure is to have an expert check your foundation and identify trouble areas. Once you know where your potential foundation failure triggers are, you can have them fixed. For instance, if moisture is a problem, installing drains that take water away from the property can help. Some of these repairs can be extensive, but less so than actually fixing a failed foundation.

How Does Foundation Repair Work?

The nature of foundation repair depends on the type of failure. Concrete pilings and steel pilings are often used to lift the house back to its proper position. The choice about which kind of pilings are best depends on the type of soil. Concrete pilings are usually the best choice for expansive soil.

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