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Someone caulking a window in the Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX area.

Temporary Home Repairs That won’t Solve Your Foundations Problems

It can be tempting to fill foundation cracks on the exterior of your home or install a new door frame and think that the problem is fixed. However, it’s important to recognize that good foundation repair is an extremely involved process, because cracks and uneven door frames are symptoms of much larger issues. Many homeowners look to correct small issues that are indicative of bigger problems without realizing that they are only concealing what has the potential to become a major repair:

Filling Cracks

One of the most common quick fixes involves hydraulic cement to fix foundation cracks. These cracks are commonly inside or outside of a basement or crawl space and can disappear when filled with expanding cement. However, the problem that caused those cracks still exists, which is why it is important to contact a

Installing a Weeping Tile

Many foundation issues are caused by wet soil or soil movement. The approach to drainage correction needs to include more than one fix. Installing a French drain is only a part of the solution. For example, if the problem is coming from runoff from your roof, a weeping tile may not have the capacity on its own to collect and divert water before the moisture causes problems. Measures can be taken to improve drainage around your property and prevent future issues.

Replacing Door and Window Frames

When doors and windows seem to stick because the frames are shifting due to foundation settlement, replacing the frame may seem like an easy solution. However, your foundation is still moving. True foundation repairs involve correcting the problem at the source. Reinforcement of the existing foundation with piers or pilings corrects a shifting problem.

To learn more about addressing foundation problems permanently, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at 972-484-1200. We use several different methods for foundation repairs and can apply the most appropriate solution for your problems.