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crack on the surface

A Cracks in Your House

When foundations start to fail, cracks form on ceilings, walls, and floors. Consequently, people often get nervous when they see a crack somewhere in their house, fearing the worst. However, not all cracks are serious and only some indicate that a foundation is in trouble.

The first place that problem cracks often start is on the floor of the house since this is part of the building closest to the foundation. Typically, cracks that are indicative of foundation damage are uneven, with one side of the crack being higher than the other. On the outside of the house, cracks are very common and do not necessarily mean that your foundation is failing. If you see a crack running horizontally around your house, however, that does mean you may have foundation issues that should be addressed.

To schedule an appointment to have your foundation inspected, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We can repair your foundation and give you peace of mind again. Call us at 972-484-1200 or visit our website today!